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Dec 17, 2012 6:30am PST
are among the most vulnerable victims. thankfully there are those like kathy baxter who are constantly fighting for the prevention of child abuse. i believe partnership with outside agencies have allowed us to find justice during this complex investigation. another important component of svu is the -- unit. those members solely on internet crimes against children. the cases are complex and require persistent and dedication to identify and locate perpetrators who possess and distribute child pornography. we are only one of many law enforcement agencies across the region who actively participate in the silicon valley internet crimes against children task force. the investigation resulted in the arrest of four predators who possessed hundreds of images. as you can see we have many moving parts under the svu model, and it is important to recognize the specialist team appointed to investigate crimes in human trafficking. human trafficking is a 32 billion dollar industry. after drug trafficking, human trafficking is the second most profitable crime. it has attracted participation by organize
Dec 13, 2012 6:30am PST
it's an honor and i am proud to be here. >> good evening i am kathy baxter and work for the child a abuse council and housed over on wallace street. i start the 36 years ago. i like to tell people i started as a toddler but not many people believe that. we started to raise awareness around child abuse and a grant from dr. moases and chief of pediatrics and the rosen during foundation and at that time in 1976 no one talked about it. we didn't have a system. we tried to get our public agencies together to work together so over these last 36 years we really created an amazing system but what i learned about five years ago we had a whole another network and we didn't talk to each other. we had domestic violence and elder abuse and child abuse and we knew each other but we weren't sharing information as much. we weren't talk about family violence so i am thrilled to be here tonight to be part of this family violence council that looks at these three issues and we begin to talk about family violence in san francisco and i am pleased to able to talk about the report. >> my name is theresa
Dec 12, 2012 2:00am PST
powerful to see all of you and the benefit for the elder abuse folks and see some of the gains kathy baxter has made in 30 years and getting you to a place that you're opening the advocacy center and i want to thank you for your leadership and success. you're really showing us a powerful model. >> i just want to under score the comments by ms. gwen hoping that in the next few years we see the same progress of elder abuse as domestic violence. i can tell you from my work in estate planning and probate and conservatorships often it's the people closest to the elder who fail to recognize the proper boundaries as the elder ages, and that the elder's assets are for their support and care and i really think they're a strenuous outreach campaign and public education campaign in that regard is in order, and the other aspect of this that is also delicate is that the family members who are closest and who often are the ones that take advantage are the ones there present supporting so it's a very difficult balance to strike, and maintain the support with the respect. >> commissioner. >> i would
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)